Sunday, August 26, 2012

Terribly Sorry!!!!!

I am terribly sorry with all of you!! i've been such a bad blogger this month between going on vacations, getting sick, weddings, work urrg i thought i was going to be doing soooo much this summer and i did half of the things sucks.
But i do have new things for you that are already done but not pictured soooo wait for it.

Right now im going to show you one of my hundreds of pillows i've made, you know im a big fan of pillows.
Nothing looks better in a bed than loads of fun and amazing decorative pillows.
This one is also made out of felt like the one i did back in April remember?
My amazing White flower decorative pillow.
But instead this one is a teal rose in a brown pillow.

- Pillow (you can make one yourself or buy it plane, the color of your desire)
-Felt(the amount of this depends on hoy big you want to make the flower and the color of your desire)
-Liquid Silicone (you can buy this at your local arts&crafts store)
-threat and needle

1- first thing to do is cut about 30 big petals and 30 small ones, you are probably not using all of them but its ok. Its not any specific measure its just how you want your rose to look like.

2- Before you start gluing or sweing whatever you please, you need to cut a large circle which is going to be you base for the petals so you dont mess with the actual pillow cover you do NEED to sew this circle, again the size that you like the most.

3- here comes the fun part!!! start by gluing at the edge of your circle making sure you are leaving no empty spaces!

4- When you are alrready a row or two inside the circle you start giving them shap and elevation so it doesnt look flat, i swe a small part of the half cirlces you can glue them if its a lot of work.

5- glue glue glue until you only see a tiny spot left.

6- cut about 5 tiny little half circles and make a small rose bud.

7- Let it dry and place it wherever you want!!

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