Sunday, August 26, 2012

Terribly Sorry!!!!!

I am terribly sorry with all of you!! i've been such a bad blogger this month between going on vacations, getting sick, weddings, work urrg i thought i was going to be doing soooo much this summer and i did half of the things sucks.
But i do have new things for you that are already done but not pictured soooo wait for it.

Right now im going to show you one of my hundreds of pillows i've made, you know im a big fan of pillows.
Nothing looks better in a bed than loads of fun and amazing decorative pillows.
This one is also made out of felt like the one i did back in April remember?
My amazing White flower decorative pillow.
But instead this one is a teal rose in a brown pillow.

- Pillow (you can make one yourself or buy it plane, the color of your desire)
-Felt(the amount of this depends on hoy big you want to make the flower and the color of your desire)
-Liquid Silicone (you can buy this at your local arts&crafts store)
-threat and needle

1- first thing to do is cut about 30 big petals and 30 small ones, you are probably not using all of them but its ok. Its not any specific measure its just how you want your rose to look like.

2- Before you start gluing or sweing whatever you please, you need to cut a large circle which is going to be you base for the petals so you dont mess with the actual pillow cover you do NEED to sew this circle, again the size that you like the most.

3- here comes the fun part!!! start by gluing at the edge of your circle making sure you are leaving no empty spaces!

4- When you are alrready a row or two inside the circle you start giving them shap and elevation so it doesnt look flat, i swe a small part of the half cirlces you can glue them if its a lot of work.

5- glue glue glue until you only see a tiny spot left.

6- cut about 5 tiny little half circles and make a small rose bud.

7- Let it dry and place it wherever you want!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Finally vacation time!! i love it, a lot of free time to be creative.
I recently found this awesome internet site, where you can create your space, they give you infinite objects (products) to choose from, the also show you how much that product costs and you can buy it, its an amazing website im obsessed with it.
Here is the link so you can join, its easy and its fun: olioboard.
I saw the creator on The Nate Berkus Show, which i have to mention just got canceled :( sadness.
I hope you will all enjoy your summer and the beautiful weather out! I know i will, my white legs need a tan ASAP!

Aly M!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

100 visits!!

My first 100 visits yeeii I'm so happy!! Thank you so much for your support, i know i've been a terrible blogger, FINALS! urg they've been stealing my time and my money, all nighters for 2 weeks I'm over it! As a reward for all the time lost im working on several DIY's, beautiful easy diy's. But first things first, a few weeks ago was my cousins law school graduation, and we offered our house for the party, and i did the dessert table, at the last minute i figured stuff out to decorate the table. I did my five minute tissue pom poms.


 A few years ago, i learned how to do this easy tissue pom poms for a bachlorette party with an alice in wonderland theme, i did over 20.


I got the instructions from martha stewart:
They are super easy to make and they look beautiful even for room decoration.

 Thanks for your patience!!

 xo Aly M. PS. expect more posts tomorrow or this weekend. <3

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day!!!

Happy Mother's day to all the moms!! I admire the things you do day to day, "Not all superheroes wear capes" and that statement is totally true! I really appreciate everything my mom does for me all the time, I really don't know how she does it. She left to las vegas with her friends like I mentioned in the last post, and I did everything she does all the time and let me tell you I was EXHAUSTED in only 3 days. It changed everything being away from her. So since she loves all the pillows a make for her on the daily basis I thought it would be a nice gesture to make something special for her on mother's day. so i did this: A pillow with pictures of us me my sister and her, her and my nana.
All I did was sew a normal envelope pillow cover. Then i selected the pictures I wanted and I converted them to sepia, and just printed them out in some special paper for cotton fabric, those pages that you flat iron them and they stay on the fabric, i bought them on walmart. And just for a little bit of design i did some felt flowers to give them dimension.
She LOVED IT!! i even made her cry, i woke up first thing in the morning, went to my studio grabbed a flower arrangement me and my sis bought the day before went on the front door and knocked, when she saw the pillow tears fell from her eyes, I knew she was going to love it.
This was the least i could do for my mommy, I love her so much she is my rock, my biggest fan and the most important person in my life. Happy moms day to all of your mothers and if you are a mother same thing I'm sending all my love your way! xoxo Aly M.

Monday, April 23, 2012

busy busy busy

Im sorry i haven't been posting lately, me and my classmates entered a competition/project and i've been super busy, besides my mom is in Vegas and I have to do all the things she does, personally I don't know how she does it I'm EXHAUSTED and it's only been a day! And she does it EVERYDAY all the more reason to love her and admire her more than ever. Back to the project I'm doing with my classmates i'll post more of it next week, since I cant post of it anywhere or we will be disqualified the presentation is on Saturday and I'm going to be the presenter!! Which means I am super nervous Im very good with public speaking but i get super nervous and i talk to fast ,I hope do it well enough for us to win. But besides all the things that are going on in my life right now, I found a little bit of free time and i did a DIY sunday afternoon. It is a black pillow with white stencil letters that say a quote from one of my recent favorite books Catching fire from The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. All you need is -A pillow (the color of your desire I chose black) you can buy it or do it yourself, i did mine. -Stencils any kind (i used Martha Stewarts you can find them in Michael's) -White acrylic paint. -Stencil Brush or any kind of brush. -Chalk -T ruler *Its pretty simple first you just need to draw a straight line where you want your quote to begin. *Then I separated the letters i was going to use. *And I started doing the stencils with the chalk first so i wouldn't make a mistake by misplacing a letter, if you make a mistake you can erase the chalk with a bit of water (trust me it works).
*When you have the complete quote in chalk, you can star painting very carefully so you wont mess up the paint. *And finally you let it dry. (I flat ironed it because i had a pillow cover).
Tada you can place your pillow anywhere you want.
Hope you liked it, and im sorry for the lack of updates I promise it wont happen againg! And wish me luck this weekend i'll need it. XO Aly M.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter sunday everyone! Hope you had great spring break vacations and easter weekend, mine was amazing a time to be with the family, loads of food,laughter and joy. I made a little cake in the form of a lamb, it got decapitaded when i got to the house at the beach :( it wasn't pretty but it tasted great!