Monday, April 23, 2012

busy busy busy

Im sorry i haven't been posting lately, me and my classmates entered a competition/project and i've been super busy, besides my mom is in Vegas and I have to do all the things she does, personally I don't know how she does it I'm EXHAUSTED and it's only been a day! And she does it EVERYDAY all the more reason to love her and admire her more than ever. Back to the project I'm doing with my classmates i'll post more of it next week, since I cant post of it anywhere or we will be disqualified the presentation is on Saturday and I'm going to be the presenter!! Which means I am super nervous Im very good with public speaking but i get super nervous and i talk to fast ,I hope do it well enough for us to win. But besides all the things that are going on in my life right now, I found a little bit of free time and i did a DIY sunday afternoon. It is a black pillow with white stencil letters that say a quote from one of my recent favorite books Catching fire from The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. All you need is -A pillow (the color of your desire I chose black) you can buy it or do it yourself, i did mine. -Stencils any kind (i used Martha Stewarts you can find them in Michael's) -White acrylic paint. -Stencil Brush or any kind of brush. -Chalk -T ruler *Its pretty simple first you just need to draw a straight line where you want your quote to begin. *Then I separated the letters i was going to use. *And I started doing the stencils with the chalk first so i wouldn't make a mistake by misplacing a letter, if you make a mistake you can erase the chalk with a bit of water (trust me it works).
*When you have the complete quote in chalk, you can star painting very carefully so you wont mess up the paint. *And finally you let it dry. (I flat ironed it because i had a pillow cover).
Tada you can place your pillow anywhere you want.
Hope you liked it, and im sorry for the lack of updates I promise it wont happen againg! And wish me luck this weekend i'll need it. XO Aly M.

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