Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Tuesday

I feel rather creative today so expect more diy's tomorrow or thursday since im on spring break and i have a lot of time in my hands. this DIY is a pillow with a felt flower, it took me like 5 hrs to do but its entertaining and really beautiful once you see the final results my mother loved it and its already in my living room. I did the flower with the tutorial i saw on miles of sunshine blog http://milesofsunshie.blogspot.mx/2011/05/felt-flowers.html you can see the steps to getting it done, its super easy. i did a little variations to the instructions since i wanted it to be a little bit bigger. This is what it looked like when i was testing the size of the circle:
That's how it looked like on the first layer:
And this is how the flower looks like once finished, its amazing and really pretty i love it
hope you liked it and try it out! Xo Aly M.

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