Saturday, March 17, 2012

Last year i went to the pacific design center in los angeles let me tell you it was an adventure from head to toe!! first of all the bus left without us my friends mom had to take us all the way from san diego to los angeles. Once we got there we forgot about everything because that place is AMAZING its like an interior designer heaven! all types of showrooms furniture samples aah I love it after we where finished there we left to take the bus and it started raining but not like a drizzle actual rain cold strong rain the traffic was horrible and to get to the frank ghery walt disney music hall we had to walk like 3 blocks and it was pouring rain i was wearing flats and i had NO umbrella. overall it was a total adventure but it was totally worth it. this year i hope its a better experience. here are some pictures I took last year. xo Aly M

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