Wednesday, March 7, 2012

older DIY's

So, before i start blogging about my new DIY projects, im going to show you my very first diy, well, maybe not my first but the first i have pictures of.
It was my very first school project, they gave us this old mexican chairs painted with bright colors the paint was coming off and they weren't pretty to the eye anymore, so we had the challenge to change this chairs up the way we wanted.
My first idea was lady gaga why? i have no idea but it turned out to be exactly what i wanted it to be.
Here is the before picture it is how it looked before I gave it the huge transformation.

And here are the after pictures, you can totally see my inspiration was gaga, glitter mirrors, pointy silver things.
on the front of the chair i got inspired by lady gagas poker face mirror mask.
On the back of the chair I glued some pink glitter to it and it gave it color. The things on the legs are silver cardboard that i folded like this things i used to play with when i was younger and then painted them with silver acrylic paint.

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